Published: Wednesday, 11 May 2016

BARBARAH NDAGIRE | Founder and Executive Director

Barbarah Ndagire is an expert in the field of social work and social administration with experience that spans over 10 years. She holds a Master of Public health, and a Bachelor of social work and social administration. Barbarah is one of the founders of SUTCHI and also sits as secretary on the board.

She is a strong advocate for the rights of children in Uganda and has presented on different platforms including the parliament of Uganda. Barbarah is passionate about the value of education and is committed to ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to learn.


JOSEPHINE NAGGINDA | Psycho-social Project Officer

Josephine holds a Bachelor's degree in Adult and Community Development.

She is an avid social development enthusiast. Works tirelessly to help counsel and rehabilitate HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in our organization.



SULAIMAN | Education Project Officer

Sulaiman graduated from Kyambogo University with a Bachelor's degree in Adult and Community Development.

He is our education project officer and has done a great job in liaising and creating good working relationships with all schools where our children attend.



ARTHUR PETERSON | Advisory Board Member

MR. MAYENGO HERBERT | Chairperson Board and M&E Advisor

Herbert works as the M&E Coordinator at the DFID funded Expanding Social Protection Program under the Min. of Gender, Labor and Social Development. He possesses a Master of Statistics (Bio-statistics), Post Graduate Diploma M&E, and Bachelor of Statistics.

He contributes immensely in developing M&E and data management systems needed to ensure high data quality and generally lending his statistical experience and knowledge to improve the delivery of development services at our organization.

MRS. SEKYANZI AGNES | Treasurer Board and Financial Advisor

Mrs Sekyanzi works as Kampala East Regional Manager for UMEME the only power generating and distributing company in Uganda. Mrs. Sekyanzi possesses a Master of Economics and a Bachelor of Commerce. She has extensive experience in accounting and the application of economic principles and models to better manage and run companies and organizations. She is very resourceful when it comes to decisions that require budgeting, forecasting, and cost analysis and has helped us a lot in managing our expenses relative to our limited income.

MISS NANYANZI LUCY | Vice Chairperson Board and Education Advisor

Lucy is the Head teacher Kampala Kindergarten Association a 60 year plus institution that laid the foundation for millions of successful people in and out of Uganda. She has long and vast experience in the Ugandan education sector, with trusted good judgement in identifying and understanding the needs and problems that affect young children.

NORBERT KAWOOYA | Partner and Advisor

Norbert has a passion for humanity, Information Systems, and business but not necessarily in that order.

He pursued a career in Information systems, concentrating in I.T & Management at the BA level, CIS at the MBA level, and finally did work in Social entrepreneurship at the post MBA level. He has served and continues to serve in various leadership positions in his communities where he brings his passion, empathy and professionalism to the table. A graduate of the Landmark curriculum of education, he is currently a participant on the Team Management and Leadership Program's Los Angeles Chapter where he continues to grow his muscles in practicing the distinctions of creating working teams.

We are glad to have Norbert on Board!


Mark Treston has over fifteen years of experience in education management and regulatory compliance consulting. Having served as department chair for both secondary and postsecondary institutions, he has also been employed as president of a college and CAO of two institutions of higher learning.

A talented start-up manager, Mark has successfully established several colleges and universities, from developing the initial business plans, through navigating the complex requirements of state and federal regulatory agencies. As a regulatory consultant, Mark has led numerous schools, colleges, and universities to successful outcomes with a variety of national, regional, and programmatic accreditation agencies.

Mr.Treston teaches history and government at a local university. Mr.Treston holds graduates degrees in Political Economy and Education, and he serves as a consultant for Cambridge University Press and several universities. Mr Treston serves on the board of directors for a prestigious college as well as advisory board member at a local university.   

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