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Children with Disability

Children with disabilities in Uganda face various challenges that can limit their access to education, healthcare, and social inclusion. One significant challenge is the lack of infrastructure and facilities that are accessible and inclusive for children with disabilities. Many schools, healthcare facilities, and public spaces do not have proper ramps, handrails, or other accommodations, making it difficult for children with disabilities to move around independently and participate fully in their communities.

Another challenge is the limited availability of specialized healthcare services for children with disabilities. Access to medical professionals and resources for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation can be limited, particularly in rural areas. This can result in delayed or inadequate medical care for children with disabilities, impacting their health and well-being.
Furthermore, societal misconceptions and discrimination against children with disabilities are prevalent in some areas of Uganda. Negative attitudes, stigma, and discrimination can lead to social exclusion, limiting the opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in community activities, make friends, and develop social skills.

Economic challenges also affect children with disabilities in Uganda, as many families may struggle to afford the costs of specialized care, assistive devices, and transportation to access services. This can result in limited access to education, healthcare, and other essential resources, further exacerbating the challenges faced by children with disabilities.
Rally behind our cause to advocate, and avail assistive devices, therapies, and medical care to children with disabilities to enhance their quality of life!

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