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Where We Work

Currently, we work in 5 Ugandan districts: Rakai, Kampala, Wakiso, Kyenjojo and Masaka. In Kampala, capital of Uganda, a growing metropolis that is overpopulated, we mainly focus on the street children and those children in poor slum dwellings.

In the rural districts of Kyenjojo and Rakai, our focus is on extremely poor households infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. To-date, over 30,000 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) have been supported and graduated, through education, health, or economic strengthening activities.

Our primary goal is empowerment and improving capacity of households to take care of their health, education, and health needs.

Will you give the gift of a goat ($50.00) today and set a family up for success?

Get In Touch

387 N. Mentor Ave
Pasadena CA 91106

Contact Us

Email: info@supporttochildren.org

Phone: 818-213-3483
Phone: +25 670 244 6433