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What We Do

• We provide school fees and scholastic materials for orphans and children with special needs.

• Educate school going young people about reproductive health issues that concern teenage
pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and dangers associated with early sex.

• Provide out of school youths with foundational skills to boost their well-being and

• Economic empowerment for out of school youths e.g through a gift of a cow.

• Advocate for the protection of children’s rights most especially the girl child.

• Fight hunger, malnutrition, and ill health among poor children particularly orphans and those
with special needs.

• HIV/AIDS testing, awareness, and prevention among the communities in which we work.

• Sickle Cell testing, awareness, and psychosocial support in the communities in which we

• Work with other organizations and institutions to advocate and fight childhood poverty, abuse, neglect, and malnutrition.

Get In Touch

387 N. Mentor Ave
Pasadena CA 91106

Contact Us

Email: info@supporttochildren.org

Phone: 818-213-3483
Phone: +25 670 244 6433