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 Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your offices located?
387 N. Mentor Ave
Pasadena CA 91106
How does one join Support to Children?

You can be a part of our work by volunteering your time and skills for instance to mentor or counsel struggling children.

Can one volunteer with Support to Children as an intern?
Yes, we welcome both local and international students who would like to champion social change while doing their internships.
How many districts in Uganda are you operating?

Currently we work with over 500 children, their families and communities in 4 districts of Rakai, Kampala, Wakiso, and Masaka.

Get In Touch

387 N. Mentor Ave
Pasadena CA 91106

Contact Us

Email: info@supporttochildren.org

Phone: 818-213-3483
Phone: +25 670 244 6433